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Detail Your Car Like a Professional

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imagesCar detailing is not an easy task, and the professionals seem to do it a lot better than the others, which is no surprise. But, have you ever wondered how do they manage to do such a good job of it? Of course, they have the experience on their side, but apart from that, they have their own little secrets that allow them to be so good at their job.

We’ve visited a Newcastle car detailing shop, and they have shown us all the tips and tricks that allow them to be one of the best car detailing shops in the city, and we have decided to share them with you. So, without any further ado, we give you the tips and tricks that will allow you to detail your car like a professional.

The very first tip is rather simple, but so genius that you’ll start hating yourself for not thinking of it sooner: use two buckets of water. This is the best way to clean the exterior of your car, because that way, you’ll be using one of your buckets for the clean suds, and another one for the clean water. And before you start dipping your cleaning material in the clean suds bucket, make sure you rinse it in the clean water bucket first. That way, you won’t risk dirtying the clean suds bucket, and with it, your entire car. You’ll always have clean cleaning materiel which is a pre-requirement for having a well detailed car.

The next tip that’s going to help you detail your car like a professional is simple: use microfibre. The professionals use the microfibre cloth to clean cars, as well as microfibre towels; they provide less friction, allow for a better rinsing and drying, and are definitely not going to damage the car. However, you need to know that this microfibre cloth should not be washed with your regular laundry. Wash it separately, with as little detergent as possible, and that way you won’t damage the fibre, and your cloth will be ready for another use whenever you wish to detail your car again.

images (1)Dual action polishers are a great thing, and you should definitely use it when detailing your car. They are not that expensive, and you should be able to get one for about 100-200 UK Pounds. They are great for finishes, and can do pretty much everything when it comes to polishing. Some of them even have forced rotation, but this is something you need a bit more experience in order to use properly.

And the final tip may already be known to the wider public, but mentioning it cannot hurt: use clay bar systems. This is the best way to remove any contaminations to the surface of your car’s paint. Just rub this clay on the paint of your car after you’ve cleaned and dried it, and you’ll be able to remove everything that you just couldn’t get to come off in any other way. The paint won’t be damaged, and your car will look amazing!

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