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Painting your concrete patio

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downloadEveryone wants to have a nice patio. They are a great thing, because basically, they are your gateway to outside, and an entrance to the inside of your home. And exactly because people like having a nice concrete patio, some people just want to make it look better by painting it. This can be done rather easily, and everything you need to do in order to do this can be found in this article.

First of all, you will need to clean your patio completely. Remove everything there is on it, and strip it clean. Then, you will literally need to clean it. Then means that you need to wash it, and then scrub it, so that nothing is left on it. Not a single leaf or grain. Then, if you have painted your patio in the past, you will need to remove the previous paint, in order for the new paint to fit better. For this, you can use a solvent that can be found pretty much everywhere. Then, you will need to remove everything that’s left, and clean the entire patio once again.

Then, you will need to apply the pain. But, hold your horses, because you first need to get the paint. But not just any paint; you will need to get the paint for concrete, or if there is a paint for concrete patios – get that one. Also, it is very important to think things through color wise, because once you apply the color, you’re stuck with it. So, think things through before you start applying the paint. Most people choose the darker shades, but if you are into the lighter ones, no one is going to stop you. Check this site out boise concrete for great ideas!

Then, before you start applying the paint, you will need to protect the edges of the patio, and the best way to do that is to use the masking tape. This can be used to protect the walls, as well as everything else you don’t want to smear with paint.

Now that you’ve done all of that, the time for applying the paint has come. Make sure you get a long brush that will help you paint the entire patio with greater ease.images However, if you wish to use smaller brushes in order to be more precise, you can do that as well. The most important thing is to get a brush that suits you the best, and one that will help you paint with greater ease.

Once you’ve painted the patios, let it dry. You should wait 4-5 hours for that to happen, and once that’s done, you will need to put another layer of paint on the patio. Make sure you let that one also dry, and after that, you can paint a layer of paint sealer over it. This is completely optional, and you can do this only if you wish to. Once that’s done, remove all the protection. And there you go, you now have a concrete patio that is painted, which makes it look completely new.

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