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Havaianas flipflops in the UK

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imagesLots of people have lately expressed their resistance to kids flip flops, and some of them even asking this frequently used footwear to be banned from the UK. And by being a fanatic for flip flops and having walked with them all around the world, on wild and rough surfaces, I think that this clearly comfortable for footwear of adults, if not worn in the correct way, could be truly dangerous for the health of young children toes. In this article we will try to give an outline of the main benefits and disadvantages of havaianas sandals produced and targeted to teenagers and children.

The major advantage of this particular footwear is that all the way through the imaginative designs that have been lately produced from companies all around the world, children are helped to grow their imagination. At the same time as wearing them a kid can be the hero of her or his dreams. He can be any superhero – Batman – for example, and go after the enemies of Gotham City, or she can be any princess or maybe Cinderella being tortured by her Stepsisters and her stepmother.

This result can be put into effect by another one which is truly important, the easiness through which they can be decorated. The thing is that a single pair of black havaianas can be beautifully decorated and totally personalized with cheap and simple glue and some impressive rhinestones. Then this can be a tool of growth of the relationship between parent and the child if this decoration results from collaboration.

71zWWtA3pUL._UX575_Matters of style shouldn’t be taken lightly, as the children, and much more teenagers, spend a lot of their effort and time in order to achieve it. The images of Hollywood stars in our days appearing openly with casual wear and having chosen this particular footwear are really affecting lifestyle of everybody.

Also, kids flip flops indisputable advantage is their comfort. The thin with these havaianas flip flops is that the children can wear them without problems and go out for a walk or go together with their parents in the beach, but at the same time they can also wear them inside the house without messing up the whole housekeeping. Additionally every opened footwear, they present children with feet in good physical shape, which should not be taken calmly as feet and toe are one of the most common disease-spots of the human body.

And at the end we will talk about their price. We can all agree that flip flops are a really cheap solution for your kids. And if you manage to choose a qualitative and good pair, your child will be able to wear it for too long.

Among their disadvantages, their most significant are those related with health aspects. The possible inadequate arch support that some of them present, makes their careful examination before buying them a certain necessity. Keep in mind the fact that they aren’t made for tense activity (such as jumping or running), makes educating children before wearing them another certain necessity.

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