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Whiteboard paint kits

download (1)If you like drawing on walls as well as writing on them, then the whiteboard walls are perfect for you, because they offer you a chance to decorate your wall with your market without having to worry if it will make your wall look ugly. Well, it won’t because you can erase everything from a whiteboard wall, due to the fact that it was painted with a whiteboard paint that makes it act like… well, like a whiteboard.

However, in order to turn your wall into a functional whiteboard, you will first need to purchase a whiteboard paint kit, do everything that is asked of you on the instruction sheet, paint your wall and let it dry for five days. But, in order for you to do all those things, you will need to make sure that your whiteboard paint kit is complete, that is, that your whiteboard paint kit has all the necessary things needed for a successful paint job. But, what are those necessary things that make a whiteboard paint kit complete? Well, we are about to list them and tell you why each and every one of them is important.

First of all, in order for you to paint anything, your paint kit must contain the paint. Most of the whiteboard paint kits contain enough paint for 2 square meters of wall to be painted, which is more than enough for a whiteboard. However, what is important about this paint is that it has to have two cans of it – a can that is known as “part A”, and a can of paint that is known as “part B”. These two parts should get mixed up, but not before you’re ready to paint, because they get dry pretty fast.

Then, your kit should include a roller handle, as well as a roller sleeve. These two things should be put together, and by doing this, you will get a tool that will help you paint the wall with great ease. The better the roller is, the easier the painting will

A sanding block is an important part of every whiteboard paint kit, because you need to sand out any imperfections your wall has before you start painting it. Your board needs to be even, and the only way to achieve that is by sanding out all the uneven parts before the paint job.

Of course, you can’t paint without any gloves, and that is exactly why every kit should have a pair of those. Getting the paint of your skin is extremely hard, and getting whiteboard paint of it is even harder. That is why you’ll need to put on these gloves before you start painting.

What is a whiteboard paint kit without a microfiber eraser cloth? What good is a whiteboard, if you can’t clean it? Well, now you can, with the help of this little tool.

And, as we have already mentioned, each whiteboard paint kit should include the guide for the application of the paint to the wall. Make sure you read this guide, because if you don’t, there is a good chance that you’ll do something wrong.

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